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Someone who fell in love with the natural world early on and has been smitten ever since. A blade of grass, a mighty mountain, a tiny raindrop, a roaring waterfall, all fill me with awe and wonder. Nature feels home, filled with warmth and love. It pains my heart to see this home being ravaged. This blog is an effort to find tweaks in modern living to preserve the sanctity of this home. I sincerely hope that you join me in this green karmic journey.

Sunday 6 October 2013

Partying In (Green) Style

Once a green convert, always a green at heart! 

I know of someone who is a fervent practitioner of this religion. She lives in a community with 40 odd households. Looking at the waste that is generated due to disposables after a party, she convinced her community to buy common dishes for parties. 
They bought 50 full plates, quarter plates, bowls, and cutlery. The dishes are kept with the manager. 

Whoever hosts a party at home can borrow the dishes free of cost. The only caveat is that the dishes have to be cleaned before returning and if any item is broken or lost, it has to be replaced. Fair enough! If a party is held at the clubhouse, then a nominal amount is to be paid to housekeeping for cleaning up the dishes. 

What a wonderful idea! Since inception, the dishes have been borrowed at least ten times within a span of three months. Imagine the number of disposables saved due to this practice.

It reaffirms a couple of things. One, someone has to take an initiative to launch sustainable practices. Two, such initiatives don't go waste. Support is always round the corner. 

Hail the green spirit and its passionate practitioners!